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ENERJIK Supply Offer Details (ESOD)

1. Company Name: (The Applicant or Senders' Company Name).
2. Senders' Name: (The Applicant or Senders' Name).
3. Senders' Position: (Position of the Applicant or Sender in Applicants' or Senders' Company).
4. Telephone Number(s): (Telephone Number(s) of the Applicant or Senders' Company).
5. Facsimile Number(s): (Facsimile Number(s) of the Applicant or Senders' Company).
6. E-Mail Address(es): (E-Mail Address(es) of the Applicant or Senders' Company).
7. Requested Commodity: (The name of the Commodity requested).
8. Specifications: (Requested standard or detailed description if not in international standards).
9. Quantity: (In Metric Ton (MT) or in Liter (Lt)).
10. Packing: (Bulk, in bottle, can, drum, flexi tank or different packing).
11. Delivery Size: (In lot of shipment quantity in Metric Ton (MT) or in Liter (Lt)).
12. Schedule: (Spot or the delivery month(s), calendar week(s), etc.).
13. Destination Port(s): (Unloading port(s) if your request included the shipment).
14. Payment Terms: (Detailed description of payment).
15. Other Related Information: (All any other related details of offer).
16. Offer Price:
17. Offer Date and Validity:
Seal And Signature of Enerjik:                                             Accepted by Buyer without change.

                                  Seal And Signature of Buyer:

Once received supply offer detail information above, the Buyer or / and Intermediary(ies) shall follow the steps according to advised Enerjik's Sale and Purchase Procedure for Buyer (ESPPB).

Please note: If requested, we are able to sign the Enerjik's Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement (ENCNDA) with the Buyer or / and Intermediary(ies) for cooperation with our company if we agreed on all terms and conditions of cooperation requirements.

Send us please your message to our address Enerjik@gmail.com or info@EnerjikOil.Com
if you have any query.

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