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ENERJIKs' Refined Soybean Oil (RSBOD) Demand Details

Commodity: Soybean Oil (RSBOD).
Grade: Refined, Winterized, Deodorized, Bleached.
Origin: Any.
Quantity: 1.000 Metric Ton (MT) minimum.

Specifications: Fit for human consumption, free flowing, 100% free from harmful substances, impurities and dust (Analysis Report, POP and Draft Contract which documents shall be provided from factory or supplier / seller directly to Enerjik International).
Color: Standard color or natural color.
Odour: Natural Odour.
Physical State: Liquid at 20o Celsius.
Radiation: Certified Non-Radioactive.

Packing: In PET bottles, jars, tin cans, steel barrels or any different packing or bulk, flexi tanks, tankers, etc.
Inspection: By SGS or similar at seller's expense.
Shipment: In lots of shipment quantity of 100 Metric Ton (MT) minimum.
Buying Method: Ex-Work, FOB or CIF ASWP.
Delivery: Within 10 - 30 days from receipt of confirmed L/C.
Payment: BG, SBL/C, FFL/C, RL/C or DL/C, 100% payable at sight against shipment documents.
Performance Bond: 2% PBG provided by the seller.

Send us please your message to our address Enerjik@gmail.com or info@EnerjikOil.Com
if you have any query.

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