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     ENERJIKs' Olive and Edible Oil Packed Export Prices (PRICES)
    (Valid prices since Tuesday, January 7, 2020)

Dear Customer,

We are proud to announce all our Edible Oil Export Prices valid presently following:
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Refined Sunflower Oil (RSFO): USD 0,90 per Liter.
Refined Corn Oil (RCO): USD 1,20 per Liter.
Refined Soybean Oil (RSBO): USD 0,90 per Liter.
Refined Canola (Rapeseed) Oil (RCAO): USD 0,90 per Liter.
Olive Pomace Oil (OPO): USD 2,50 per Liter.
Refined Olive Pomace Oil (ROPO): USD 3,00 per Liter.
Refined Olive Oil (ROO): USD 3,50 per Liter.
Ordinary Virgin Olive Oil (OVO): USD 4,00 per Liter.
Virgin Olive Oil (VOO): USD 4,25 per Liter.
Riviera Olive Oil (RVO): USD 4,50 per Liter.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO): USD 5,00 per Liter.
The prices are based on
FOB Loading Port and for the packing PET Bottles only.
Please note: The prices may be changed without prior notice due to volatile market conditions. However, you are able to see our valid offer prices in our web sites at any time.

We are able to supply in packing sorts following:
A. Glass Bottles: 250, 500, 750 Mililiter and 1 Liter each (for Olive Oils only)
B. PET Bottles: 250, 500, 750 Mililiter and 1, 2, 3 and 5 Liter each.
C. Tin Cans: 4, 5, 10 and 18 Liter each.
D. PE Jerry Can: 20 Liter each.

E. Steel Drum:
210 Liter each.
F. Flexi Tank (Flexi Bag):
From 20 up to 24 Metric Tons each (Loading amount may vary within permission).

Reduce please from the offer prices above 10 US Cent per Liter for supply as bulk in Flexi Tanks.
Add please the costs to the offer prices advised above for the packing following:
1. 20-Liter PE Jerry Can or
18-Liter Tin Can: USD 0,20 per Liter.
10-Liter Tin Can or 210-Liter Steel Drum: USD 0,25 per Liter.
4 or 5-Liter Tin Can: USD 0,35 per Liter.
750 ml PET Bottle: USD 0,15 per Liter.
500 ml PET Bottle: USD 0,25 per Liter.
250 ml PET Bottle: USD 0,35 per Liter.
1000 ml Glass Bottle: USD 0,55 per Liter.
750 ml Glass Bottle: USD 0,80 per Liter.
500 ml Glass Bottle: USD 1,15 per Liter.
250 ml Glass Bottle: USD 1,50 per Liter.

The loading rates for the packing of 1-Liter PET Bottle are following:
15600 pieces per 20 Feet Container
, 25600 pieces per 40 Feet Container, 25000 pieces per Truck.
Read please our web site pages at Enerjiks' Edible Oil Packing Sorts and Loading Details (EDIBLE OIL-LOAD) and Enerjiks' Olive Oil Packing Sorts and Loading Details (OLIVE OIL-LOAD) for further information about 20 or 40 Feet Container Loading (FCL) quantities per packing sort.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 20 Feet Container per packing sort and oil, i.e. Refined Sunflower Oil in 1-Liter PET Bottle.

Payment Terms and Conditions: Shipment after confirmed payment or Fully Funded Letter of Credit for Entire Amount (FFL/C), which should be irrevocable, confirmed, transferable, 100% payable at sight against shipment documents.

Fill please the Enerjiks' Buyer Application Form (EBAF) and send us your demand details online. Once received detail information asked on EBAF, we are able to accept and process your demand request according to advised Enerjik's Sale and Purchase Procedure (ESPPB) for Buyer.

Please note: If requested, we are able to sign the Enerjiks' Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement (ENCNDA) with the Buyer or / and Intermediary(ies) for cooperation with our company if we agreed on all terms and conditions of cooperation requirements.

Send us please your message to our address Enerjik@gmail.com or info@EnerjikOil.Com
if you have any query.

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