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Muhiddin Cetintepe - Enerjik International - Izmir / Turkey

Muhiddin Cetintepe
Chairman & Chief of Executive Organization
Enerjik International Food and Feed Industry and Trade Incorporated Company Title


Company Owner & General Manager
Enerjik International Trade and Consulting Company Title

Born in March 20th, 1958, in Izmir - Turkey

Technical University of Istanbul, Turkey, Geophysics, 1982-1985
Technical University of Clausthal, Germany, Geophysics, 1985-1994
University of Göttingen, Germany, Economics and Politics, 1988-1990
University of Anatolia, Eskisehir-Turkey, Public Administration, 1996-2002
University of Dokuz Eylül, Izmir-Turkey, Translation Studies, 2005-2013

Managing Partner of Euro Connection, Hannover-Germany, 1985-1993
Field Engineer by Prakla-Seismos, Hannover-Germany, 1985-1993

Founder Chairman of Exim Ege Ltd., Izmir-Turkey, since 1994
Adviser of Prime Ministry and Various State Establishments, Ankara-Turkey, 1996-1997
Project Manager of Various Natural Resources, Izmir-Turkey, 1997-2001
Company Owner & General Manager of Enerjik International Trade and Consulting, Izmir-Turkey, since 2001

Chairman & CEO of Enerjik International Food and Feed Industry and Trade Inc. Co., Istanbul-Turkey, since 2019

Relevant Experience
In International Trade and Business since 1985
Researcher and Developer of Various Natural Resources, Worldwide, 1985-2001
President of Turkish Students Union, Hannover-Germany, 1987-1988
Board Member of Welfare Party, Izmir-Turkey, 1994-1997
Member of Akevler Scientific Researches Center, Izmir-Turkey, 1995-2010
Vice President of Turkish Green Crescent Society, Izmir-Turkey, 2006-2013

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